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<>Then there was the guy who worked his whole life in a munitions plant.
His family hired us to drive him home on his last day of work.
As I approached the facility I had to get an escort into the top security
plant.  I drove the limo into a huge building, driving past workers
staring in amazement. They led me to the gentleman who was flabbergasted
as to what was going on. I informed him I was going to drive him home.
He packed his belongings and climbed into the limo. As we very slowly
worked our way out of the plant he was leaning and waving
to his former co workers. It was as if he were the president of the
United States or something. People were cheering and waving.
Make the last day of work something special for your loved one.
Let Lees Limousine create a last day you will not forget.

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