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Corporate transportation. Not very exciting. Just a way to get from point A to point B. Well I have to tell you, at Lees Limousine we can give you that if you like. This is not my suggestion. How about a team- building exercise that will get the entire office back to full production and beyond. Our tours can help your team feel like a team once again. How about a Haunted History Tour of Saint Paul? Your team will learn of hauntings based on the rich history of our Capitol City. How better to relax than to discover our
Gangster Tour. Learn how business and crime went hand in hand and corruption abounded in Minnesota.
A little much over the top for your liking, then how about a Winery Tour, spend the afternoon with co-workers learning about the fine art of winemaking and wine-tasting. In the fall, a Fall Colors Tour could brighten up the day. Join it with a Winery Tour for an event that the entire office will never forget. Have dignitaries from out of town? Show them how Minnesotans really live. Take them for a City Lights and Sites Tour. Stop at some of the hotspots in town and they will always think of you when it is time to order again.
Now if general transportation is what you are needing, then leave the driving to Lees and find your transportation to be enjoyable instead of  mundane. We can get you to airport on time or to that meeting you don't wish to miss. Be prepared and on time With Lees Limousine.
corporate team building in Limo bus corporate team building
have fun with coworkers

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