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Excitement for birthdays from 1 to 100. The limousine arrives at your door step and a well dressed driver rolls out the red capet and invites you into a luxurious limousine. As you enter you notice a happy birthday banner with your name on it. Can I keep this you ask the driver? Sure he says.

After determining your destination the chauffeur throws back balloons through the divider and encourages the party to sing happy birthday. You start a volley ball session in the limo with the baloons. Everyone is laughing and having a good time after all Lee's Limousine has the ultimate party limos. Maybe a trip to the pizza parlor is in order or a stop at a local pub for adult partiers. Birthday celebrations in a limousine guarantee a birthday that will not soon be forgotten.

E mail us at Leecasto@Leeslimo.com or call us at

612-333-5466 or 651-462-5466 or 763-323-6636

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