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Frequently asked questions

Why should I rent a limo?
Safety is a big reason.  DWIs are very expensive ($10,000-$20,000 I am told—more if your vehicle is confiscated), and no one wants to cause an accident.   
Team building and socialization are also important reasons.  Limousines are designed to encourage social interaction.
As your little ones grow older, events  (such as dances and banquets) come up where the young teens do not want their parents driving them. They may be too young to drive themselves.  Even if they do drive, you may prefer that they do not drive on, say, prom night.
Birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, retirements—any special occasion is made extra-special when you are transported in a luxurious limousine! Just for the fun of it!

How much does it cost?
The rate per hour varies, depending on the size of limo (or the number of people it needs to accommodate), the number of hours you book the limo as well as when it is that you want it.  So, in order to quote a price, I need to know the size of the limousine, the number of hours you want it for and when it is you want it.  We quote prices for the metro area, so if the pick up or drop off are outside the metro, please let us know.

What do you have available?
Look at our webpage ( for photos of our limos.  What ones are available on a certain date will depend on the schedule for that date, so just ask, either by calling us at (651)462-LIMO(5466) or emailing us at

Is a ten-passenger big enough for ten people?
That depends on the size of the people.  Unfortunately, since people come in all different sizes, you don’t know how comfortable it will be until everyone is in the limo.  Limos should really be sized by weight rather than number of people, but no one wants to go there!  I believe the manufacturers allow about 17” per seat. It is always more comfortable to have more room rather than filling the limo to its maximum.

Can I drink in the limo?
As long as everyone in the limo is over 21, you can bring alcohol into the limo and drink it.  It is illegal in Minnesota for a limousine company to provide alcoholic beverages.

Can I smoke in the limo?
NO!! No smoking of any kind is allowed inside the limo, but the drivers are happy to stop for cigarette breaks, where you can get out of the limo and stretch your legs.

Can you suggest a restaurant or nightclub?
Yes, we can.  Of course, we will try to find out what your preferences are so that we suggest something that you will like.

Do we get into a nightclub with free cover charge?
That is really up to the club, but most clubs will honor free or reduced cover charge if you come in a limo.  Some of the clubs require advanced notice.  Sometimes a club that usually offers free cover will not do so if they have a special band or a drink special.

Do you have Hummer limos?
No.  We have stretched Lincoln Navigator limos, that some people think are Hummers.  We prefer the appearance and ride of the Navigators to the Hummers. Navigators also are more environmentally friendly in that the gas mileage is much higher for the Navigator than the Hummer,

Can children ride without their parents?
We leave that up to the parents.  As far as we are concerned, either way is fine.  About one-third of our work involves children.  Children are favorite customers of all of our drivers.  Pretty much all our drivers are parents; some of our drivers are teachers.

Do you provide service to Wisconsin?

Where are you located? Can I come and see the limo?

Absolutely! Please come and see the limo you are renting (but always call first to make sure the limo is here and someone is here to show it to you.). Our office is located in Wyoming MN (near Forest Lake). Our street address is 26237 Forest Blvd N, Wyoming, MN 55092. Our main land line is (651)462-LIMO(5466).  
Please note that the prices we quote work for pickups and drop-offs in the metro area.  Travel charges may apply outside the metro area.
Directions to our shop:
Go north on 35E or 35W past the northern split where the interstate becomes 35.  The next town is Forest Lake.  Keep going north to the Wyoming exit (number 135) for Viking Blvd. Turn right at the top of the ramp to go east.  Go three blocks to a traffic light at Forest Blvd (Highway 61); turn right to go south.  We are located one-half mile south, next to the Wyoming Motel on your left (the east side of the road). We are across the road from the southern water tower.

How do I make a reservation? Can I make the reservation over the Internet?
Yes, you can make the reservation via email, although there will be a dialogue of several emails back and forth to make sure we have all the information we need and so that you understand about payment and other policies. You can also call us at (651)462-LIMO(5466); we answer phones from 9 AM – 9 PM. Please leave a message should you get voice-mail--all lines or staff may be busy.

What is the most cost-effective way to go?
In general, the larger the limo, the more expensive it is, although the cost per person tends to go down. The ten passenger size is particularly cost-effective as is the 18 passenger stretched Lincoln Navigator limousine and the 23-25 passenger limocoach.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes.  There usually is a non-refundable $200 deposit.  The deposit goes towards the service you booked but is non-refundable.

How do you pay for the service?
You can pay with cash when the driver first arrives. You can pay by credit card, but we quote cash prices, which are discounted for cash.  To pay by credit card you would need to supply the driver with your credit card so he/she can get an imprint and verify your signature. You can pay for the entire amount due by check if we receive the check ahead of time, but we do NOT accept checks on the day of the run.

Do you charge overtime?
Yes, our drivers do not like to work for free. Overtime is billed at the same rate that you booked the limo, billed at quarter hour increments.  For example, if you go over 10 minutes, you should expect to pay for a quarter-hour but not a whole hour.

Do you offer “split” service?
Depending on the schedule, we may be able to do a "split" run for you to attend an event.  We require that you are out of the limousine for at least three consecutive hours, and we charge a minimum of one hour before and at least one hour at the end. A different limousine may pick you up at the end part of the run than you used in the first portion, so you cannot leave anything (coats, drinks, purses, etc.) in the first limo.   The rates are different than for consecutive time but it may be cheaper for you.  We need a set pick up time for he return, from which time we start charging you whether or not you are in the limo.

What about safety?
We purchase our limousine from companies that crash test their products for front, side and rear impacts. We consider safety to be the most important factor when purchasing any limousine.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured and permitted. Our limos and drivers are inspected and reviewed annually.

Wedding questions

How can I use a limo in my wedding?
The most common use of limo for a wedding is between the wedding ceremony and the reception, when two consecutive hours meets the needs of most situations, unless there is a long time period between the ceremony and the reception.  The next most common time is after the reception, either to shuttle guests to their hotels or homes or to bring the bride and groom to where they will spend the first night in their married life. Another common usage is for the morning appointments. It is your wedding--you should use the limo in the way you want to use it.

What about wedding photos with the limo?
Great idea! They look great and bring back wonderful memories.

What size limo do I need?
A rule of thumb is to count the bride as two, due to the size of her dress. A larger limo is more expensive but is more comfortable and avoids wrinkling your formal wear.

Who usually rides in the limo?
The most common use is for the wedding party.  Sometimes only the bride and groom and perhaps the best man and maid of honor ride in the limo.  Sometimes a limo shuttles guests between the wedding and the reception and their homes and hotels.

Can the flower girl and ring bearer ride in the limo?
Yes, but don’t forget to count them in the number of people.

How much does it cost?
The rate per hour varies, depending on the size of limo (or the number of people it needs to accommodate), the number of hours you book the limo as well as when it is that you want it.  So, in order to quote a price, I need to know the size of the limousine, the number of hours you want it for and when it is you want it.  We quote prices for the metro area, so if the pick up or drop off are outside the metro, please let us know.

Is there an hourly minimum?
Usually, two to four hour consecutive hours.  If the schedule allows, we do deviate from the minimum occasionally.  You want to allow some “overlap” in your timing so that the limo is there went you are ready for it and, more commonly, you are not rushed if the wedding and exiting from it take longer than you are anticipating.

Do you provide champagne?
No. As long as everyone in the limo is over 21, you can bring alcohol into the limo and drink it.  It is illegal in Minnesota for a limousine company to provide alcoholic beverages.

How does the driver dress?
The driver usually wears a dark business suit.

Prom questions

Why should I rent a limo for my kids?
Safety is the over-riding reason.  Every year some teens lose their lives while driving to or from prom.
Proms have become the “coming out” event in the lives of our young.  Your children are learning about socializing properly in the grown-up world.
It can be quite cost-effective if a number of couples share the expense.

Will the kids drink alcohol in the limo?
NO!  I can’t guarantee that alcohol will not be sneaked aboard.  We cannot legally search the students.  But we can require that all bags go in the trunk.  We can stop them if we find out that someone has succeeded in sneaking alcohol inside the limo.

Why is it so expensive?
We try to keep prices as reasonable as we can.  It is one of the few times in the year when demand exceeds the supply.  We need the revenue to keep our fleet up-to-date.

What tours do you offer?
Lee's Limousine offers a variety of tours and is happy to custom design a tour for your needs. These tours take place in a luxury limousine rather than a standard bus. The price will depend on the tour you choose, the number of people in the tour (or the size of limo you need) as well as when it is you want to do the tour. I will describe our most popular tours below.

City Lights and Sights
The City Lights and Sites Tour takes you on a wonderful tour of many of the beautiful and historic sights in the Twin Cities. It usually goes through downtown Minneapolis (Hennepin Av., Nicollet Island, the HHH Metrodome, the Target Center, etc.) and downtown St. Paul (the state Capital, the Cathedral, Rice Park, the Xcel Energy Center, Summit Av., etc.). We can include the largest tourist attraction in the US-the Mall of America--and go around some of our beautiful lakes. We are glad to customize the tour to any particular interests or spots you would like to see. You can stop along the way if you wish (for example, to shop at the Mall or for a cocktail at a favorite establishment). The driver is the guide for this tour.

Midwesy Winery Tour
A typical Mid-West Winery Tour takes 5-6 hours, picking you up at your home, and visiting 3-4 wineries in the metro area. We have a northern tour and a southern tour. The southern tour includes Alexis Bailey, Falconers, and the Canon River Winery. The northern tour includes WineHaven, the Chateau St. Croix, the St. Croix Vineyards and if time, Northern Vineyards. Alexis Bailey in Hastings is the oldest winery in the wider metro area and is probably the most like a California winery. It has a beautiful location with bocce ball, vine-covered deck and park-like grounds. A very scenic drive takes you to the family-run Falconers' Vineyards in Redwing, where you overlook the vineyard from the new wine tasting room and gift shop. Located in historical downtown Cannon Falls and tucked in a landscape of rolling, wooded hills, meandering rivers and picturesque farms is the Cannon River Winery, the last one on the southern route. WineHaven, Chisago City, offers a number of annual events, including a "Raspberry and Wine Festival" in July, its "Annual Rhubarb Frenzy" in August, and its annual harvest tour, "Fall Fever Day", in September. The northern is very scenic as well, going through a more northern section of the St Croix River Valley. WineHaven is a ma & pa winery that has won over 120 national and international awards for its wines. The amazing and beautiful Chateau St Croix recreates the atmosphere of an European winery and is probably the most popular winery at present; it has a harvest festival in September. This year we are adding an option for a stop at Eichten's Market & Bistro in Shafer to sample award-winning European cheeses--hand-made right here in Minnesota. Northern Vineyards, Stillwater, is a coop of 15 or so wineries in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They offer a very interesting tour of their winery throughout the year. The deck on the roof of their store has a spectacular view of the St Croix River and the Stillwater Bridge. The winery offers music on their deck on Sunday evenings during the summer and fall. The St Croix Vineyards is one of the oldest wineries in Minnesota and is located within an apple farm just outside Stillwater.

Haunted History Tour
The Haunted History Tour meets (usually at Forepaugh's Restaurant or Irvine Park or the Landmark Center in St. Paul) for a one half-hour discussion with our tour guide on the history of St. Paul and its ghosts; you will also be given background info about "ghostry". Then, the limo arrives and the roughly two-hour tour begins. Our Tour Guide guides you through the tour, through downtown and down Summit Ave., pointing out the spots of interest and telling you stories about them. From the city's oldest houses to City Hall and the State Capitol, the tour covers an engaging collection of tales about spirits, poltergeists and haunting images. You'll learn about Landmark Center's gin-swilling gangster, the Fitzgerald Theatre's lipstick-loving soprano, Cathedral Hill's boy on the banister and a host of other ghosts who may be hanging out in local haunts. Weather permitting, a portion of the tour on Summit Avenue is a walking tour.

Gangster Tour
The Gangster Tour takes you to sites of gangster activity in the 1920's and 1930's and tells the stories. St. Paul was a safe haven for gangsters in the early 1900's. The gangsters would check in with the local police, make a contribution to the police retirement fund, and promise not to commit crimes on the streets of St. Paul. In return, the police would leave them alone; in fact, the police would give them advance notice if they were to be raided so they could get out of town in time. There are stories of kidnappings, bank robberies and murder involving criminals such as John Dillinger, Ma Barker, Machine Gun Kelly and Baby Face Nelson. We offer two tours, one of St. Paul and one of the northern suburbs, primarily Mahtomedi. This tour lasts about 2.5 hours and usually meets at Yarusso Brothers Restaurant in St. Paul or Phil's Tara Hideaway in Stillwater.

Winery Tour questions
Where are the wineries?
There are wineries throughout Minnesota, with concentration in the far reaches of the greater metro area. We have a northern tour and a southern tour. The southern tour usually includes Alexis Bailey outside Hastings, Falconers in Redwing, and the Canon River Winery in Canon Falls. The northern tour usually includes WineHaven near Chisago City, the Chateau St. Croix north of Saint Croix Falls, the St. Croix Vineyards outside Stillwaater and if time, Northern Vineyards in downtown Stillwater.

Does Minnesota really have decent wines?
Yes!  Try them!

Christmas Lights questions
Can you see out the windows?
All our limos have custom installed side-window-defrosters to enhance your viewing. The defrosters do not work perfectly, but they work very well.  When riding on the freeway, the temperature difference between the inside of the limo and the air blowing outside the window is so great that the windows will frost over.  But once we are driving in the neighborhoods looking at the beautiful Holiday lights, the defrosters clear the windows rapidly.

Where are the lights?
We have been doing Christmas Light Tours for many years.  Every year we revise our tour to reflect where the lights are that year so that we can give you the best tour possible. We are always glad to customize our tour to your wishes, but left to ourselves we will take you where the lights are most concentrated, so you can see the most in the shortest amount of time. In recent years, the best concentration of neighborhoods is south of Saint Paul, including areas of South Saint Paul, West Saint Paul and Inver Grove Heights.  Downtown Saint Paul is always very nice.

Will we see Santa?
Probably, on most tours--almost certainly on weekends after the middle of the month.  We also offer a Santa Tour of the lights, where Santa (and usually Ma Claus as well) ride with you and guide your tour of the beautiful lights. Children of all ages (even Uncle Bob and grandma) enjoy the company and jolly-ness of Santa!

Do you do anything special for the holiday season?
The limos will be decorated for Christmas, and Christmas music will be playing on the CD player.  We provide Christmas cookies for a small snack.  When possible, a fireplace video will be playing on the TVs. The Light Tours are a wonderful way to celebrate the season with family and friends.

How much does it cost?
The rate per hour varies, depending on the size of limo (or the number of people it needs to accommodate), the number of hours you book the limo as well as when it is that you want it. We offer a discount period where prices are really good.  The discount period is Monday through Thursday the first two weeks of December and after Christmas.  You actually get a better tour on a weekday (as opposed to Friday or Saturday) because it is not as busy at the popular light displays.

Does the cost of energy affect how good the tour will be?
You see more LED lights and fewer plastic figurines.  But the tour is still very wonderful—most people think it is getting better every year!


 What are the qualifications needed to be a limo driver?
In order to be certified as a limousine driver in Minnesota, you must have a clean driving record, a clean criminal record and a DOT Health Card (which you get from a medical doctor--it certifies that you are medically competent to drive passengers). You must provide us with your criminal record check, which you get from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in St. Paul at 1430 Maryland Ave. E. Our insurance company will run your driving record. Our insurance company wants you to be over the age of 25 and to have at least three years of commercial driving experience.
Besides good driving habits and records, you must also have advanced people skills, or you will not like the job. Customers are of all ages, including the elderly and young children, and you must be good at interacting will all of them. You spend most of your time dealing with people --not driving.

How do I start my own limo company?
I would recommend that you start out by taking a job driving limos, so you can learn more about what the job really involves.
The limousine business is one of the worst businesses for companies going out of business quickly. The main reason for this is that it is a business where you lose your private life, because you need to be available on the phone at virtually all waking hours, and it is a lot of work, with very little glamour. You spend a lot of time cleaning up after people. As in any job where you meet the public, you need endurance for being nice to people who you think are not respecting you. Finding and maintaining good drivers is the biggest problem for companies that survive for over a year. It is hard to find and keep good employees, and a bad driver will damage your business more than you yourself can. From a financial point of view, the overhead expenses are huge and usually underestimated by people starting out in the business. These expenses include car payments, repairs--interior & exterior as well as mechanical, insurance, payroll and advertising.

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